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Bible Over Coffee

The Safe-Place to Ask Your Questions

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In John 3, Nicodemus had to sneak out at night to have audience with Jesus. Why at night? Just like many of us, Nicodemus was worried and concerned about what people would say or think about the question he intended to ask Jesus. Many of us are in the same position. We have questions about the Bible and the daily challenges we face in our walk with God. In fact, some of us have questions about the doctrine at the various churches we belong to. But since we don't want to "rock the boat", we keep silent. That silence is killing some folks and they eventually become "unchurched"! 

At Lifestyle Church, comprehension and wholesome understanding of God's Word is paramount. We believe that you become empowered when your questions are answered. Bible Over Coffee is an event where you are  able to ask questions that matter to you most. For an idea of what sort of questions have been addressed at past editions, please click here

Bible Over Coffee takes place once a month and the next edition shall be on August 7.  You can register to attend by filling out our Online Registration Form  Alternatively, you can text "Register" to 0810 931 5544.

Date/Time: Saturday August 7 at 8:00 am. Venue: Nsukka parsonage of Lifestyle Church, located off Ibagwa Road.