The Weather Obeyed God!


Bible Over Coffee takes place the first Saturday of every month. As we posted the June edition on Facebook as an "Event", Facebook had a bold notice showing "Serious Thunderstorms" as the weather forecast for the event. Of course, such a claim would deter people from registering to attend! At church, we started praying this prayer, "Father, let the weather glorify You". Through the mercies of God, we have learned from the past that God getting the Glory will always result in desirable outcomes. Isaiah 42 verse 8 is as valid today as when God "wrote" it. Then came Saturday June 5 2021, the date for Bible Over Coffee and we were greeted by the beaming warm rays of the sun! We had a glorious event and the entire day was sunny. God was right and Facebook was wrong! Praise God.

sunny flower field.png